Magnesia carbon brick

With high melting point alkaline oxide magnesium oxide (melting point 2800℃) and high melting point carbon material which is difficult to be embrowned by slag as raw materials, various non-oxide additives were added. A non - burning composite refractory material made of a carbonaceous binder. Magnesia-carbon brick is mainly used in the inner lining of converter, AC arc furnace, DC arc furnace, slag line of ladle and so on.

As a kind of composite refractory material, magnesia-carbon brick makes good use of the strong slag erosion resistance of magnesia and the high thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon, and compensates the biggest shortcoming of the poor spalling resistance of magnesia. Its main characteristics are: good high temperature resistance, slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance, low creep at high temperature.

Technical parameters
Chemical composition(%)≥MgO807876767474727070
Porosity A.P.(%)≤
Bulk density B.D.(g/cm3 )≥   
The normal temperature pressure C.C.S.(Mpa)≥403535403530403525
High temperature bending R.S.(Mpa)(1400℃x30min)65412851074