Suggestions for the development of magnesium oxide industry


After decades of rapid development, international magnesium oxide industry has become an important part of the world magnesium oxide industry. The company put forward the strategy and treatment policy, so the technology of magnesium oxide must be innovative, can increase the cost of consumption of magnesium oxide company, is the way we should go, as long as the result is dealt with, we have a way to go.


Magnesium industry is consumption, consumption growth, demand fluctuation, periodic surplus will ease, magnesium oxide format of periodic overcapacity will continue for a period of time, but at present the international magnesium oxide production capacity expansion trend has begun to slow, consciously at the same time as the high-end category of magnesium oxide from time to time extension, the downstream demand has fluctuated signs of growth. In this context, it is estimated that the magnesium oxide industry will experience a steady transition to a good process. Optimize and adjust the industrial structure of magnesium oxide industry, make great efforts to develop new chemical materials, public chemicals, high-end equipment manufacturing, new power, energy conservation and environmental protection, information biology and other high-end market scale, improve the self-sufficiency rate and share of high-end goods.

1, according to the industry to develop the accumulation of experience, adjust the structure of the commodity, the price of magnesium oxide

2. Strictly control the increase of normal energy, and eliminate the repeated establishment of low degree and homogenization

3, research and development of new products, improve the quality of magnesium oxide

4. Improve the automation and intelligence of the company