How should magnesium oxide be preserved for good effect


Magnesium oxide, alias caustic magnesite, light burning magnesia, etc., is a colorless hexagonal crystal or white powder, and magnesium hydroxide is relatively easy to damp a substance, if in the process of storage, not perfect storage, then in the use of time, it is very easy to be affected.

Function: anti-coking agent, curing accelerator, acid absorbent (halogenated butyl rubber in the process of vulcanization will release hydrogen chloride), filler, low temperature resistance, fire retardant, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.


So how should we keep it perfectly in daily use?

1. Environment. This is the most basic, we must adhere to the storage environment is dry and breathable, at the same time, we need to lay a layer of plastic film between the goods and the air to isolate water vapor.

2. Packaging should be sealed. Open the used, to stop sealing in time.

3, after stacking, place lime blocks to prevent moisture, this is another way to avoid magnesium oxide moisture absorption and reduce activity.

4. Because calcium oxide has stronger moisture absorption, it is very ineffective to place calcium oxide in the storehouse as a moisture-lowering agent to reduce the humidity of the storehouse.

5. Magnesium hydroxide has a shelf life. So do not accumulate too much at one time, because even if the moisture-proof measures are done well, after a long time, magnesium hydroxide will inevitably metamorphosis. In short, the raw materials of magnesium oxide will become more and more hot demand with the development of the new building materials industry.