What is the production process of electrofused magnesia


Melted magnesia is magnesium melting and recrystallization of goods, high purity, less impurities, large crystalline particles, compact structure, weak slag resistance data, good heat shock resistance, mainly used for smelting steel arc furnace brick, induction furnace lining data, electrical insulation and so on.



Electrofused magnesia consumption process: Electrofused magnesia is mainly used 95% or 96% content of magnesium oxide as raw material, by pressing the ball, low temperature shaft kiln calcined from a kind of medium-alkaline refractory raw material.

Disadvantages of electrofused magnesia: medium-grade magnesia has good sintering level, average forging and burning, high purity, good activity, average chemical composition and fluctuating quality.

Electric fused magnesia use: electrical grade magnesium oxide powder, 97 electric fused magnesia, 98 electric fused magnesia medium grade magnesia is mainly used for processing different granularity of raw materials to manufacture a variety of magnesium refractory materials, mostly used for the manufacture of furnace bottom and furnace lining of steel-making open hearth furnace rapping material; Raw materials for the manufacture of magnesia and magnesia chrome bricks; Used as the furnace bottom and lining of electric steelmaking furnaces, heating furnaces, non-ferrous metal blowing furnaces and rotary furnaces.

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